I prosjektet vil vi teste og demonstrere beste IPV-praksis og studere effekter på skadegjørere, naturlige fiender, avling, økonomi og miljørisiko i to ettårige vekster (bygg og høsthvete) og to flerårige vekster (eple og jordbær). Active Last updated: 14. Innovative approaches and technologies for Integrated Pest Management to increase sustainable food production. Norway has implemented EU´s . Ming Su, PhD student in the SMARTCROP project, has written an article on risk efficiency analysis of IPM-based cropping systems: a Norwegian case. Contribute to smartcrop.

Integrert plantevern er å ta alle metoder og teknikker som lar seg forene i bruk for å holde nivået av skadegjørere under det som gir økonomisk skade. SMARTCROP har som målsetting å utvikle teknikker og virkemidler for integrert plantevern. Norge har innført EU-direktivet om . This does not mean it can do face detection, though that would be cool, . However, it goes far beyond optimizing your cropped thumbnails, to make static cropping a thing of the past. Once installe you can start . The are powerful, composed photos at . Smart Crop is totally free app that lets you buy and sell crops throughout India. SmartCrop is an Online Marketplace for trading farm products.

Adding a new buy or sell items takes less than one minute. Farmers can post their products . JavaScript utility to crop images based on the focus point of the image. Type artikkel: Aktivt forskningsprosjekt.

Gjennom prosjektet SMARTCROP skal man utvikle IPV- verktøy som dyrkerne kan ta i bruk i praksis. Man skal også finne gode virkemidler for en vellykket implementering av integrert plantevern i Norge. Prosjektleder: Ingeborg Klingen . On this page you can test it with your own images. One of the largest challenges in the photo industry is the ratio problem causing cropping of print or white borders.

SmartCompose technology takes it even to . Seasonal predictions for growers. Climate- Smart Crop delivers weather insights at the farm-field level. Compare side-by-side our accurate seasonal forecasts with climatologies to help you plan, time and improve your crop performance.

Historical observations are provided free-of-charge. Smart Crop will allow you to have better and more control over the entire cycle of cultivation. The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites! Photo, scketch and paint effects.

Greg Schoppe ( Fork Me on Github! Query plugin enabling client-side responsive image rendering. ADI is showcasing a crop monitoring solution to help farmers improve the predictability, profitability and quality. Hi, what exactly does smart crop do?

When is best to use it and when is not?