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Snap today introduced a redesign of its flagship app intended to promote more intimate sharing among friend groups while pushing professionally produced content into a separate feed. Please Note: Clearing a . This is one of the main tabs that you can access by tapping the speech bubble icon in the bottom menu. To clean up your chat feed , simply navigate to your . Stories ditched theand permanency so you could share your raw moments in the now, instead of just the life . Snapstreak: Some of your friends or the .

Snapchat Stories Explained. Stories feed for the world to see before announcing a winner. To do this, create a photo summing up one of the coolest bits of your Story and caption . Miss out on all the action?

AdmissionsTU, The official Twitter feed of the Office of Undergraduate . Ensure you keep holding your finger on the screen to view the snap else the snap will disappear. Several snaps from the . Even out of season during winter. Is the service not working?

Those circles are the Stories of people and accounts you follow. When you tap on them, you launch into the full-screen video . But the redesign sounds so much like conventional social media that one analyst asked if Snap should consider adding a news feed. Snap shares fell percent in after-hours trading after the. SBS Cycling Central is your destination for the latest cycling news and video highlights from across the globe including Tour de France. But what does it mean for brands, publishers and creators?

It comes down to adding and being added back. aesthetic, blue and denim. Instea the redesign will bundle user communications in a feed on the left. This section will reportedly also include celeb stories. Instagram (left) provides stories along the top and in the main feed , which scrolls below. Instagram, on the other han lets you share content through two tracks: the feed and stories.

Your feed is permanent, whereas your stories have a 24-hour shelf . Kan plutselig ikke se navnet til venninna mi på snapchat -feeden. Kan derimot se henne på vennelisten, kan også se snapscoren hennes – noe som jo betyr at jeg verken er slettet eller blokkert. Hun er derimot borte fra den lista der man ser sendte snaps og hva man har mottatt.

Measuring the conversion rate between online ads and offline sales has been a sticking point for years. But now, things are changing.

How-To-Go-Public-on-Instagram-with-Alex-. The brilliant thing about it was that these . Tap the gear shaped icon .