Sparus aurata

Kroppen er oval og flattrykt fra sidene. Den er sølvgrå med en svart flekk på gjellelokket. Voksne eksemplarer har svarte og gylne bånd på hodet.

Dorade svømmer alene, eller i små . Due to its euryhaline and eurythermal habits, the species is found in both marine and brackishwater environments such as coastal lagoons and estuarine areas, in particular . Libya, Arabic, Vernacular, No.

Ajâj, Lebanon, Arabic, Vernacular, No. Denis, Egypt, Arabic, Vernacular . It is present throughout the Mediterranean Sea and the western and southern Black . Editio decima, reformata. Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae. Sparus aurata is truly a classic fish. It is one of the most important fish in the aquaculture industry in the Mediterranean.

However the rapid development of marine cage culture of this fish has raised concerns about the impact of escaped fish on the genetic . Orata nel parco della Gaiola.

The gilt-head bream is a sea-bream with a tall back, a creamy white band over the head and a typically large black patch behind the gill flaps (larger than by the red sea-bream). This fish gives off a lovely golden sheen in the sunlight, however the color disappears quickly when out of water. Gilt-head bream are found mostly. To improve security and privacy, we are moving our web pages and services from HTTP to HTTPS.

From this date, the HTTP traffic will be automatically redirected to HTTPS. Castri J(1), Thiéry R, Jeffroy J, de Kinkelin P, Raymond JC. Author information: (1)Afssa Site de Brest, Plouzané, France. During an epidemiological survey of viral . El-Bakary NER(1), Abumandour MMA(2).

In addition to glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans, immunoglobulins, lectins, pheromones, and proteolytic enzymes . Det gulglänsande bandet mellan ögonen och den stora svarta fläcken upptill på huvudets sidor utmärker guldspariden. Den har bara påträffats tillfälligt i Västerhavet. Kropp hög med sluttande ryggprofil.

Huvud kort med svagt böj hög panna.