Software Specifications for Scala. Contribute to specsdevelopment by creating an account on GitHub. Specsbindings for Scalaz.

In specs, tests are organized into specifications, which contain examples which run the system under test through various different code paths. With specsyou can write software specifications for one class (unit specifications) or a full system (acceptance specifications).

Every now and then I need to run an single failing specstest from the sbt command line. Because it happens so seldom, though, I keep on forgetting how to do it. ExecutionEnv class MySpec extends mutable.

This is a presentaion on specsfor writing Unit and Acceptance Tess. Here at YOOX NET-A-PORTER, we think that testing is an important part of a modern development process. The Akka documentation does mention these problems and it gives a brief overview of ways to work around them, but I could not find any . Before we go any further we better have some specs.

Add the latest specsto library project: lazy val specs2version = 2. Installation instructions. You need to download and install sbt. Then execute the following command: sbt update publishLocal. Then you can generate the User Guide with: sbt testOnly org. Where communities thrive.

Explore more communities. Browser, Desktop and Mobile Apps. Before starting specs, I did try to refactor specs. It turned out that my first design was clearly not adapted to my goals. So I eventually decided to start from a blank page, as explained here.

I tried to think to features as . From ScalaTest documentation for Sharing fixtures: “A test fixture is composed of the objects and other artifacts (files, sockets, database connections, etc.) . MustExpectations` or `org. Getting there looks like this: The goal is to test a . ShouldThrownExpectations` instead.

Our chatline is open to solve your problems ASAP. JUnit runner you should first migrate to specslibrary since specs considered deprecated as of Scala 2. AutoRollback import org.