Spirit of the goat

In the episode, Bullock (Donal Logue ) relives traumatic memories after a killer he thought it was closed years ago while Gordon . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 27. Batman-inspired episode. We got guys with animal totems wearing dark, horned masks.

Montoya and Allen finally have evidence against Gordon.

Yes, both characters were created specifically for the show. I admit, I was wondering if the show was going to suggest that there really was a spirit possessing . It was particularly unfortunate that this was the episode the show decided to devote to Harvey . Welcome to the Official Site for DC. I hope we get a standalone story like this one or an entire ark revolving around something entirely original in the upcoming season.

Later, Gordon is haunted by past decisions. Corrina Lawson discusses GOTHAM 1. Though Dix is the more cautious, jaded member of the duo, he follows Bullock into an abandoned theater to catch a killer .

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics. Each week, the writing and acting improve but the stories remained flat. A high quality gallery providing screencaps of Movies. Rather than more foreshadowing of the upcoming war, the episode put Bullock in the spotlight as a murder investigation gives him memories to his earlier days when he went by the book.

The episode begins ten years in the past. Gotham Gallery – Screencapped. First up, is Harvey Bullock—a decade in . We also point out things that make sense now while lamenting the things that have changed.

Please enter your date of birth to continue. The Spirit of the Goat reminds Bullock of the cop he used to be. However, it still serves as a great episode compared to the rest of the new series. Removing itself largely from the . A serial killer is imitating a serial killer Detective Bullock took down years ago.

We also see Bruce and Alfred interact a little in this episode with them discussing the Spirit of the Goat kidnappings. Alfred thinks it would be a good idea for him to leave town since the Goat is focusing on rich first born, he responds in a typical Bruce fashion “Let the Goat take me, there is no one to take me . The Goat of the title is a serial killer Harvey .