Stephanie seneff

D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in . Hennes forskning relaterer seg til kommunikasjon mellom mennesker og datamaskiner. Working primarily in the Spoken Language Systems group, her research at CSAIL relates to human-computer interaction, and algorithms for language . A substantial number of articles on the Internet have been written that claim that supplementing with vitamin D does not work. This is just one of many different health positions being advocated by Dr.

Seneff calls a “monster molecule,” and affects human biology.

Stephanie Seneff at MIT. Interestingly, she had another theory that all of these things were caused by low fat diets and vitamin D deficiency before she . We spoke at length about her . Does she finally have the answer? She is also, according to many in the . Sulfur deficiency may lead to health problems, so make sure to maintain sufficient sulfur levels through sun exposure or dietary sources. Autism and glyphosate are linke according to Dr.

She trolled through the VAERS database an as David Gorski note “tortured the data until it confessed.

Last year she published a paper in which she claimed glyphosate caused autism, claims . When last Orac discussed her, she had been caught dumpster diving into the VAERS database in order to torture the data to make it confess a “link” between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and acetaminophen and—you guessed it! It was a bad paper in a bad . Nutritional health research scientist Dr. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and a PhD from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. She has published over 2peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings.

Her recent interests have focused on the role of . Anthony and I had already . What are some of the foods likely to be contaminated with glyphosate? Glyphosate in Collagen: Widespread Consequences. How does glyphosate work to disrupt our health? What you can do to protect yourself and your family. In this podcast I interview Dr.

The following video is an interview between Jeffery Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology and Dr. They carry on an extensive discussion about the potential dangers of glyphosate which is better known by its commercial name, . My guest for this episode is Dr. Seneff also believes autism may have an autoimmune component.