The patented visco-elastic product solutions are produced in two different plants at our sites in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands and Damman, Saudi Arabia. The products are world-wide marketed under the . Every day our people are developing and searching for new solutions using intelligent engineering from a total cost approach to . Drawing on his practical experience, he set out to improve sealing technology products and developed an innovative . Тривало пластична, здатна до розширення ущільнююча маса.

We supply corrosion protection and corrosion inhibitor solutions that protect structural objects against the daily risk of corrosion. It is impenetrable to water, oxygen and bacteria, the elements that commonly cause corrosion. Presserv tilbyr løsninger innen miljøvennlig viskoelastiske produkter for korrosjonsbeskyttelse og vanninntrenging.

Disse produktene er designet for bruk under ekstreme klimatiske forhold både over og under vann. Disse viskoelastiske beleggene og tetningsmaterielle . STOPAQ sustav zaštite od korozije. This self-healing wrapping band rehabilitates deteriorating structures and allows for a permanent solution to corrosion problems.

Stopaq в Москве от компании Remmers.

Звоните по телефону или оформите заказ на сайте! Between the claimant Canusa and the defendants infringement proceedings are pending in Germany with respect to the German parts of the patents. Canusa intends to enter the Dutch market with two new . STOFAQ SYSTEM (APCS-113C) APPPLICATION PROCEDURE REV. The system is developed for usage below and above low tide. The subsea system protects also (sub)merged objects and can easily be applied by divers or ROVs.

The compound does not build up internal stresses and expands when exposed to water. Identifiserte relevante bruksområder for stoffet eller stoffblandingen og bruk som det advares mot. Opplysninger om leverandøren på sikkerhetsdatabladet.

Информацию нижеуказанных сферах применения вы найдете в техническом руководстве по применению продукта Remmers. Duurzaam plastische, zwellende afdichtingsmassa. Permanently plastic sealing compounds designed to prevent or stop any corrosive processes on buried or surface pipes or individual components (parts of storage tanks, manholes, flanges, joints).

Guarantees long-term protection, acting like a barrier against water, . Simply remove basic dirt. The manual pistol and nozzle included in the. Однокомпонентный водо- и газонепроницаемый уплотняющий герметик для влажных оснований.

Предназначен для герметизации вводов инженерных коммуникаций (водопровод, водосток, канализация), систем вводов гильза в гильзе, всех видов кабельных вводов.