Stroh 60

Lukt: Krydder, urter, vanilje, appelsin. Metode: Bulkimportert rom tilsettes diverse . Tallene i variantene beskriver alkoholstyrken. Штро 6 5мл) в магазине WineStyle!

Importør, Interbrands Spirits AS.

Råstoffer, Rom ( sukkerrør), karamell, urter. Alkoholprosent, vol. Lagring, Bulkimportert rom tilsettes diverse smaksuttrekk. Mye aceton i duften samt søte fattoner.

Smak, Kraftig anslag, veldig varm og sterk, tørker en del utover, mye . Medium-strength version of the cult Austrian favourite. Delicious in coffee and commonly added to desserts (particularly flambes) as well as cocktails. Крепкий пряный ром из Австрии.

Из-за своей крепости ром Штро редко принимается в чистом виде – чаще как ингредиент алкогольных коктейлей, например: охотничий . Back then, Austria had no ready supply of molasses or rum from Caribbean colonies, so they approximated it by blending ethanol with a number of flavorants. It is a great addition to any spiced rum cocktail and the ch. Drizly partners with liquor stores near you to provide fast and easy Alcohol delivery.

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It is best consumed ice col or added as a key ingredient to a number of shooters. ABV: SKU: Litre, 750ml, 500ml. See reviews Post review. Duty Free allowance: units. Pyrat XO Reserve 70cl.

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