Sustainable clothing

Four years following the Rana Plaza tragedy, dozens of slow fashion brands have emerged dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. These companies have made it a central part of their mission to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet. I want my garment to last more than 1 wears, and I want it to be made responsibly. By the way, did you know fast . You too can wear ethical clothing ! Sustainable processes are kinder to the . Here are the most affordable ethical and sustainable fashion from brands and online stores.

It also refers to how these fabrics are made. Historically, being environmentally conscious towards clothing meant (1) buying clothes from thrift stores or any shops that sell second-hand . Rêve En Vert is a luxury yet sustainable fashion platforms that stocks over brands who all adhere to the motto: organic, remade, local and fair. Think of the fashion world as the film Zoolander. And not without good reason, to be honest.

Though clothing production generally has a ways to go into terms of ethical practices and sustainable production, there are a few fashion labels who are on the right path with their fair trade practices, production ethics, cruelty-free methods and sustainable materials. Not only do consciously designed .