Prøv den der du vanligvis bruker tomater for en eksotisk vri. Den passer også fint naturell, i fruktsalater eller kokt til chutney eller syltetøy. Tamarillo på bruschetta er både spennende og godt!

It is best known as the species that bears the tamarillo , an egg-shaped edible fruit. It is also known as the tree tomato, tomate andino, tomate serrano, tomate de yuca, sachatomate, berenjena, tamamoro, and tomate de . It is cultivated and naturalized in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

It is widely grown in New Zealand as a commercial crop. Seed from Argentina were imported by the U. A red fruit showing up in stores has an egg shape, a tomato texture and a flavor all its own. Debbie Elliott talks to a Peruvian restaurant owner in Oregon about the fruit. This exotic fruit is very versatile. See how you can slice, prepare and combine the tamarillo.

But this one ripens smaller fruits in clusters. When fully ripe, each fruit is a deep golden- orange. Very sweet, fruity, tropical flavor, with overtones of pineapple—dwarf tamarillos are superb for juicing, whipped into smoothies, or eaten out of hand.

Native to the Andean region of Bolivia and north-west Argentina, the wild tamarillo seems to have all but disappeared from its native habitat. In chilly NZ, they are limited by winter frosts below -2°C so they are mostly grown in coastal areas. Another simpler approach is to cut the fruit in half and scoop out its edible flesh. Riper fruits tend to be sweeter and more versatile when pairing with other ingredients. Primary recipes that the tamarillo is chosen for are deserts such as cakes and ice creams, fruit salads and green salads.

Common usage of the whole fruit is . From tree tomato to tamarillo – a traditional Kiwi food icon. A relative of the potato, tomato, eggplant and capsicum pepper, the tree tomato is native to Central and South America. Coined in New Zealand as an invented name, but possibly influenced by Spanish tomatillo. A small tree or shrub (Solanum betaceum syn. Cyphomandra betacea) which bears edible fruits.

It is egg- shaped and pointed at both ends. The tamarillo or tree tomato is related to the tomato and tomatillo. The skin is tough and bitter and may be re purple, amber, or golden yellow in color. The outer layer of apricot-colored flesh is slightly firm and the inside is filled with dark edible seeds that are slightly harder than .