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Review of Tel Dor , the major port city on the Carmel coast. BERKELEY – As winter settles in, Professor Andrew Stewart is thinking of summer. The professor of ancient Mediterranean art . The Tel Dor Field School at the University of Washington is a one-of-a-kind program that instructs its students in modern archaeological technique, brings these students into the field as valued members of an international archaeological team, and provides an experience that will last a lifetime. Participants in the field school . ISHS VIII International Rubus and Ribes Symposium TELDOR (R) (FENHEXAMID ) – A NEW SPECIFIC FUNGICIDE FOR THE CONTROL OF BOTRYTIS CINEREA AND RELATED PATHOGENS ON RUBUS, RIBES AND OTHER CROPS.

V rostlinných pletivech, kam proniká jen částečně, . The find from Tel Dor is a rare example of a virtuoso Hellenistic picture mosaic from the Levantine coast.

A technical analysis of the fragments documents the techniques and sequence of its production. Botrytis rot (Botrytis cinerea). These methods suggest that the work was done by highly skille possibly itinerant craftsmen working in situ.

Se recomienda también para el tratamiento en post cosecha de frutos de carozo, cítricos y kiwis. Mot gråskimmel og grå og gul monilia i eple, pære, søtkirsebær, surkirsebær, plomme, bringebær, hageblåbær, rips, solbær, stikkelsbær, jordbær på frilan i plasttunnel og i veksthus, tomat, veksthusagurk, prydplanter på friland og i veksthus, samt paprika under oppal. De actieve stof verstoort de uitgroei van de kiembuis van de schimmelsporen en remt de verdere . Public Release Summary (PRS). Tel Dor in the news: The rise and fall of a forgotten Phoenician city (JerusalemPost).

The Silver Hoard from Tel Dor. Pages 19—in Hacksilber to Coinage: New Insights into the Monetary History ofthe Near East and Greece. New York: American Numismatic Society.

The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (732—3B.C.E.). Fungicide in de onbedekte teelten van klein- en . This site was created with the. This page contains the bibliography of the Tel Dor (Israel) excavations, current to the above date, and running now to almost 5citations.

The Dor staff hope that this will be a useful service to our colleagues who need data on the Dor excavations. Moreover, we hope our efforts will provide encouragement to other .

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