Thai eggplant

They are also cultivated in Sri Lanka and feature in Sri Lankan cuisine. These golf ball sized eggplants are commonly used in Thai cuisine. Though some varieties can have an elongated shape, more so the Thai type eggplant is readily distinguishable by its golf ball size and shape as well as by their unique coloring.

Green, light green, purple . This golf ball look-alike is one of the most famous Thai food ingredients. Thai people eat them just about as often as Americans eat potatoes.

Eggplant pictures and description. Look for small, golf-ball size round varieties in several different colors, including: white, reddish-orange,. It works with any type of eggplant and you can adjust the spice level. Other names for this Asian vegetable. China: si kwa, chieh tse, ai qwa, chan che zu, hon pee choi, makhua terung, ngai kwa, qie zi.

Thai eggplant is a delicious component in many Asian curry dishes. It is commonly the size of a golf ball or smaller. It can be eaten raw and is very crunchy and somewhat bitter.

Thailand : ma khuea yaao, . If you are a vegetarian, you are familiar with eggplant since it is often used in recipes as a meat substitute. Read this article to learn more. The lime juice and Thai basil adds brightness to the dish, while the fish sauce adds just enough of that salty funkiness to make it really pop. Remove pan from heat, add basil leaves and toss to combine with eggplant. Add vinegar and soy sauce.

Serve over hot cooked rice. In this curry, that bitterness is balanced lend a slightly by sweet pineapple and the spicy green curry paste. Create your own custom Thai curry with the Recipe Maker.

Each piece of eggplant is dark and shiny and plump and soft, with wonderful complex flavors coming through-hot, sour, salty, and sweet! I asked my husban Roby, if he knew what they were. It was about time to add a thir especially when sitting inches away from the eggplants was a bin of gorgeous Thai basil bunches. The key to this recipe is the brand of Hoisin sauce I use.

The fragrant combination of aromatics, including Thai basil, wakes up your taste buds. Chao Praya is a Thai matti-gulla type eggplant that is vigorous and prolific. Fruit are round and creamy-green in color. The most ornamental looking of all eggplants, this petite variety is often used in creamy Asian soups and curries.

Storage Instructions, Store in a refrigerator.

Use By Recommendation, Once opene consume within week. Bran Asian Supermarket. Speciality, No preservatives, No artificial colors, No artificial flavour.

Thai flavours sping to life in this hearty beef and eggplant curry.