The british goat society

The Society acts as a focal point for all goatkeeping activities in the United Kingdom. Aims of the BGS: Promote the health and welfare of goats. British Goat Society , Swanley.

Spread knowledge about goats. Englan United Kingdom.

Due to an extraordinary set of circumstances a number of individuals have resigned from their positions as trustees of the BBGS. Whilst this is an unexpected occurrence we wish them well. This has created a number of openings for anyone who would like to join the team of trustees – an if any of . It is considered a rare bree existing as several, isolated feral herds, as some captive populations in zoological parks and nature reserves, and breeding stock on some private farms operated by . Please do not use the Browser BACK button.

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Goats for sale, Anglo- Nubian breeders, Stud goats. Includes a copy of Dairy Goat Journal, vol. To circulate knowledge and general information upon goats.

To extend and encourage the keeping of goats , so as to increase the production and use of their prod. Welcome to the Golden Guernsey Goat Society website. Golden Guernseys in the United Kingdom have been developed from goats imported from the Channel Islands.

They are raised for milk but do not produce as much as the larger dairy breeds. Butterfat and protein levels are generally . Counting SheepFarm AnimalsAdorable AnimalsSheep BreedsRare BreedsGoatsAlpacasGetterEwe Sheep . Index to Names of Goats in Herd Book and Foundation Book. Identification Register Entries. List of Additional Awards. Herd Book: With Foundation Book, Supplementary Register, etc.

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The angora goat is an ancient bree with records of the use of goat hair for clothing dating back as early as the 14th Century BC. In the early 13th Century AD there is a . It is possible to “grade up” to some of the Breed sections when the pedigree is sufficiently “pure”. Grading up is not possible with . Bibliographic information. The disbudding shown in the undercover footage was undertaken by a female farm worker on Upper Enson Farm.

No anaesthesia was used during filming. Disbudding of baby goats. Other (legal) mutilations of kid goats at Upper . How to look after goats, improve breeding and safeguard against cruelty. Category: Trade Associations . Production levels are lower than the other dairy breeds, but the remarkably placid temperament and moderate yields .