The cow

Critics widely consider it the first film of the Iranian New Wave. Those cows knew they were about to become delicious steaks and burgers. I hope they enjoyed their. Enjoy the best British and pub food after a day shopping in Westfiel East London.

The Cow Restaurant Menu. Take a break and drink a fresh craft beer or a pint of real ale.

Right opposite to the Olympic Park, in Westfield Shopping Center, our pub serves the best fresh food and offers a wide selection of beers and real ales. Served with black beans and rice $13. Cheese and beer go together better than you may even imagine.

Sharing earthy, yeasty flavours and an artisan heritage, this pairing is a must for any hops-lover. We serve freshly prepared food all day, every day. Find a country pub near you: Rustic charm with seasonal pub food and BB. Our juicy burgers are delectable, and even more so when you pair them with a side of crispy french fries and a hand spun milkshake of your choice.

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On one occasion, the cow summed it up quite nicely: “One does not love because. Instea one loves in spite of. For instance: the cow loves the man named Hödl, who sells her delicious meat to us. Mr Hödl is the most renowned master of meats in all of Vienna.

He knows every cow by name, picks them up from the farm . We strive to make home-made foo that is locally sourced when possible, and made from scratch when we can. We believe that scratch-made is something you can taste.