The forest 2016

Starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney, it follows a young woman who travels to Aokigahara ( the suicide forest ) to find her sister. W8hUcXR-A Lignende 30. Pretty ba even for a January release.

Produsent: Len Blavatnik: Aviv Giladi: David Linde: James Ward Byrkit: David S. Foto: Mattias Troelstrup. Produksjonsselskap: Gramercy Pictures: AI Film Entertainment .

Młoda Amerykanka przyjeżdża do mrocznego lasu Aokigahara leżącego w Japonii, aby odnaleźć zaginioną siostrę. A young woman searches for her twin sister in a Japanese forest only to find herself surrounded by paranormal forces. Review: Slow, building horror with a cerebral bend.

The Forest Natalie Dormer. If you are looking for jump scares, tons of . Instea legends of yurei and a tragic association with scores of suicides have earned it the nickname “Suicide Forest. Skräckfilm där Sarah Cornwell (Natalie Dormer) beger sig till den hemsökta skogen Aokigahara i Japan för att försöka hitta sin syster.

It also has a well-known and dependable genre actress in the lead role, Natalie Dormer. Rising at the base of Mt.

Fuji in Japan, the legendary real-life Aokigahara Forest is the suspense-filled setting of this supernatural thriller. A young American woman, Sara, journeys there in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared. In the company of expatriate Aiden, Sara enters the forest having been well . En ung amerikansk kvinne kommer i søken etter sin tvillingsøster, som har forsvunnet på mystisk vis. På tross av alle advarslene om at hun ikke må fortsette på stien hun går på, våger Sara (Natalie Dormer) seg inn i skogen for å finne ut sannheten om hva som skjedde med søsteren, men blir konfrontert av de sinte og. Verenigde Staten Horror minuten.

Jason Zada met Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney en Yukiyoshi Ozawa. Aokigahara, ook wel het zelfmoordbos genoem is een bos dat ligt aan de voet van de berg Fuji in Japan. When her twin sister disappears in Japan, a young American named Sara ( Natalie Dormer) becomes.

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