Tilapia mariae

Tilapia mariae er en art i gruppen ciklider. Det er en fisk som lever i fersk- og brakkvann i Afrika. De har høy toleranse for vannverdier som temperatur, salinitet og forurensning. The spotted tilapia (Pelmatolapia mariae ), also known as the spotted mangrove cichlid or black mangrove cichli is a species of fish of the cichlid family.

It is native to fresh and brackish water in West and Central Africa, but has been introduced to other regions where it is considered invasive.

Spotted tilapia have high . These spotte striped cichlids have a tolerance to brackish water, and a quick growth and reproduction rate. As juveniles, they are striped black over a . Species- mariae= Named after the collector Mary Kingsley. Due to its high fecundity, aggressive behaviour, and ecological plasticity it has the potential for rapi explosive invasion and has become a . Where it is introduced it represents a competitive.

In Florida, spawning generally occurs between November and March and may be synchronized with the lunar cycle. Biology and ecology: The black mangrove cichlid is a deep-bodied fish native to West Africa1.

It has a blunt or rounded head with red eyes that are often intersected by a dark band extending downwards toward the mouth. This tilapia species has a long, unbroken upper (dorsal) fin, which extends from above the gills to near . Native to West Africa, its distribution extends from the Ivory Coast through Ghana and Nigeria to Cameroon. Throughout this range the species is often found in the deeper sections of larger rivers and lagoons but . Familj: Cichlidae Handelsnamn: Mary´s ciklid.

Utbredning: Från Elfenbenskusten till Kamerun. Släkte: Pelmatolapia Art: mariae. One will be on guard while its partner eats. Very aggressive when spawning.

Both parents guard the young, and will chase away any predators. Parents prepare nest site on logs, leaves and other debris. Ecological tolerances p. They will feed throughout the . To cite this Myers, P. The Animal Diversity Web (online).

This is a smaller species of tilapia, more commonly caught in the 4-inch range than the hulking 4-pound blue tilapia that it commonly shares its habitat with. Checklist of Vertebrates of the United States, the U.

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