Tinca tinca

Den er utbredt over store deler av Eurasia. I Norge er den hovedsakelig utbredt i vann langs Skagerakkysten, særlig i området rundt Arendal. Det er dokumentert at den ble utsatt i. It is also found in Lake Baikal. It normally inhabits slow-moving freshwater habitats, particularly lakes and . In Asia, native eastward to western Yenisei drainage south of 60° N.

Range Description: Stocking throughout Europe for centuries has blurred the original distribution pattern. A small population has been. Appearance: The distinctive shape and colour of the tench make it difficult to confuse with any other fish.

This thick-set fish has an overall rounded appearance, including the fins. Caudal fin almost unforke tips . Название своё линь получил за способность менять окраску тела на воздухе. У линя вторичные половые признаки выражены достаточно чётко: у самцов брюшные плавники больше и вторые лучи их толще.

Big tench perch fish underwater camera. Крупный линь окунь рыба подводная съёмка зимой.

Tench have a thick set, deep, powerful body with rounded fins and a large broad tail fin like, with colour varying. Tench are a member of the carp family that is sometimes raised commercially for foo they are also used as forage feed for bass in some areas. The golden form is sometimes used as an aquarium species.

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Most research is done on sexual reproduction for aquaculture. Inland Fishes of Washington. Popular as an angling species, they have been introduced to a number of countries as a sport fish.

Their omnivorous diet and tolerance of a wide range of environmental conditions has lead to some . Down Terminal (leaf) node. Synonym, Cyprinus tinca. Tinca tinca mouth and pair of barbels.