Undaria pinnatifida

Sea-farmers have grown wakame in Japan since the Nara period. Illustrationes des algues du Japon. Published in: Suringar, W. This is the type species ( holotype) of the genus Undaria.

Annual species with two separate life stages. A macroscopic stage (the sporophyte), which produces microscopic zoospores that can settle, germinate and grow into microscopic gametophytes.

Therefore, wakame has several biological activities (Table 1): . Just above the holdfast, the stipe has very wavy edges, giving it a corrugated appearance. The stipe gives rise to a blade that is broa flattened and lanceolate. The margins of the blade are . It has a distinct midrib. Undaria pinnatifida or wakame is a large brown kelp with a branched holdfast giving rise to a stipe. It forms dense underwater forests, resulting in competition for light and space which may lead to the exclusion or displacement of native plant . World-wide electronic publication, National University of Irelan Galway (taxonomic information republished from AlgaeBase with permission of M.D.


Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at . Yamada Y(1) , Miyoshi T, Tanada S, Imaki M. The digestibilities of nutrients and . Tang JC(1), Wei JH, Maeda K, Kawai H, Zhou Q, Hosoi-Tanabe S, Nagata S. Young plants have an undivide wide flat blade, while mature plants are distinguished by pinnate or “fingers” dividing the blade, and a flute ruffle spiraling reproductive structure called the sporophyll that . Genus: Undaria Suringar. It is native to the west coast of Japan. Authority: (Harvey) Suringar. Type: Scientific Opinion.

Marine invasion ecology and management have progressed significantly over the last years although many knowledge gaps and challenges remain. Shinya Uwai, Wendy Nelson, Kate Neill, Wei Ding Wang, Luis E. Basis: Scientfic procedure. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references. A brown seaweed native to East Asia and naturalized elsewhere, having a short stipe and pinnately divided blades, and used in Asian cooking. This currently is the most northern locality in Europe.

The recent expansion around Britain is likely to continue with further . Cal-IPC rating: limited. Plant Characteristics and Associations.