Vee spears

Faces look directly at the viewer creating a quietly dramatic tension urging a reaction from the viewer. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Vee Speers. List of series and work.

Ta en titt på vårt store utvalg! Based in Copenhagen — Worldwide shipping. I den presenterar hon teatrala fotografier av utklädda barn, ofta med.

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Vee Speers. Children who had just left a birthday party, dressed in their disguises of the little raven, the dancer in the . Annie Liebovitz, Joel-Peter Witkin and . Her timeless portraits have been exhibited and published world-wide and are part of many private and museum collections including the Elton John Collection, Michael Wilson Collection, DZ Bank, Museum 21C Kentucky, George Eastman House, Museum . Speers studied fine art and photography at the QCA in Brisbane before working as a S. Search our database of over hundreds of photographers by their name or specialty. Vee Speers is an Australian photographer living and working in Paris.

The Birthday Party, touring exhibition.

Retrospective Galerie Huit, Arles. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Vee Speers. Download further information and selected press on . I wanted to use this idea . Her work has graced the covers of, for instance, . According to Norse mythology, the God Odin had a pair of crows, one c. The retrospective exhibition features a selection of . Participants in this four-day course will work on developing a personal style. This first step will allow them to identify what is unique about each individual and what characterises a . And the pictures went around the world. Such a cute series, shot by Australian photographer, Vee Speers.

In creating her own series, choosing the outfits and creating a ubiquitous tone throughout, Speers evokes . Buy artwork by Vee Speers. Our gallery features inspiring emerging and well- established contemporary artists from around the world. For many, adolescence is a fraught, even harrowing chapter of life, a shaky bridge into adulthood that is marked by abortive identity trials and the multiple wounds inflicted by a har indifferent world on fading innocence.