Victaulic sprinkler

Confidence: Meets NFPA installation requirements. Performance: Three convenient lengths and tight bend radius means aesthetically preferred pendent installations are a reality. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Eliminate damage and insurance claims. Use one pipe schedule throughout the entire project and .

The unit is available as a K5. It can bend for accurate and easy installation, keeping the water safely back in the heated space. It features one-piece brackets with no loose parts. Nobody expects more from us than we do. The VC- 2delivers excellent corrosion resistance through a prioprietary . K fire sprinkler pendents are standard spray models designed to produce a hemispherical spray pattern for commercial applications.

Fire sprinkler design incorporates heat sensitive frangible glass bulbs in a variety of temperatures. The die cast fire sprinkler frame is cast with a .

Victaulic three-quarter inch 8. Built to improve pipe routing, it is specifically designed to meet the needs of engineers, contractors and fabricators – giving you smarter tools to fabricate faster and route more efficiently. Each wrench is designed to fit the particu- lar spinkler frame style identified. These wrenches should only be used for installa- tion of the designated style sprinkler and no other type wrench should be used or warranty is void. There have been many updates to fire sprinklers during their 150-year lifetime. Use of male threaded prod- ucts employing special features such as, probes, dry pendant sprinkler heads, etc.

File:Fire sprinkler victaulic couplings. Size of this preview: 8× 6pixels. EMCO currently services three different types of customers: industrial customers, residential service contractors and sprinkler and standpipe contractors for commercial and industrial facilities. Institutional Systems pg.

Search for: Recent Comments. Jarrett Fire Protection, LLC. In addition, high- pressure water mist systems release approximately. The operating mechanism is a frangible glass bulb which contains a heat responsive liquid.

During a fire, the ambient temperature rises causing the liquid in the bulb to expand. When the ambient tem- perature reaches the rated temperature of the sprinkler , the bulb shatters.

Maximum Working Temperature. Series AHBraided Flexible Hose. Light Hazar Ordinary Hazard , Storage. LP-Low Pressure Storage Sprinkler. FireLock Sprinklers – Storage.