Indirect and direct assays for Vtg are presented in this chapter. Across the vast majority of oviparous taxa, vitellogenins are female-specific egg yolk proteins, with their essential function tied to oogenesis. In honey bees, however, vitellogenin is also expressed by female . Exploring the role of juvenile hormone and vitellogenin in reproduction and social behavior in bumble bees. Amsalem E(1), Malka O, Grozinger C, Hefetz A.

Author information: (1)Department of Entomology, Center for Pollinator Research, Center for . Corona M(1), Velarde RA, Remolina S, Moran-Lauter A, Wang Y, Hughes KA, Robinson GE. The gene for vitellogenin , an egg yolk protein precursor, is usually silent in male fish but can be induced by estrogen exposure. For this reason, vitellogenin production in male fish has become a widely used indicator of exposure to exogenous estrogens or estrogen mimics in the aquatic environment.

This spring I was in the beeyard showing a class of kids a beautiful comb of very young brood. Vitellogenin , juvenile hormone, insulin signaling, and queen honey bee longevity. Every cell was glistening with “brood food.

I explained to the students the significance of that wonderous liqui in that it was akin to the milk with which mammals nourish their young.

Nearly all other animals on earth . An egg-yolk precursor protein expressed in the females of nearly all oviparous species. Precursor of the egg-yolk proteins that are sources of nutrients during embryonic development (By similarity). Involved in the differentiation of honeybee larvae into queens. This thesis represents an initiative to study this protein, which affects aging and task- division of the bees, at the molecular level. I have use among others, molecular modeling, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and surface plasmon . It has been suggeste on the basis of from workers, that vitellogenin (Vg), best known as a yolk protein synthesized in the abdominal fat body, acts as an antioxidant to promote longevity in queen bees.

We explored this hypothesis, as well as related roles of insulin–IGF-signaling and juvenile . Under the supervision of Professor Gro Amdam (UMB and Arizona State University) and Associate Professor Øyvind Halskau (UiB), Havukainen discovered that vitellogenin can be described as a freight train consisting of a locomotive and a carriage. The protein carries fat as its cargo, which it picks up in. Administration of estrogen to roosters induces the synthesis of egg yolk phosphoproteins in the liver. We have demonstrated that these proteins are synthesized in the form of a large precursor, vitellogenin , and that vitellogenin is the only phosphoprotein found in the plasma of the estrogen-treated rooster. In support of these hypotheses, in eusocial Hymenoptera where there is reproductive division of labour, the yolk precursor protein vitellogenin (Vg) influences the expression of worker social behaviour.

We suggest that co-opting genes involved in reproduction may occur more generally than just in the . Differential expression of Vg has also been associated with the differences in lifespan between different . Estrogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) induce expression of vitellogenin in males, making it a good marker of the presence of EDCs in the environment. Each of the kits below measures Vtg levels of the indicated .