Water saturation

The fraction of water in a given pore space. Unless otherwise state water saturation is the fraction of formation water in the undisturbed zone. The saturation is known as the total water saturation if the pore space is the total porosity, but is known as effective . Water saturation determination.

Complexities arise because there are a number of independent approaches that can be . Techniques for calculating. Application of each water. We calculate water saturation from the effective porosity and the resistivity log. Hydrocarbon saturation is (one) minus the water saturation. Empirically, it has been found that P has a normal distribution for intervals which are 1per cent saturated . This page is a highly abbreviated version of Chapter on this website.

For more about eater resistivity, water saturation , alternate methods and examples, go to the Main Index Page. The fourth step in a log analysis is to determine the water resistivity since most methods for computing water . However, some authors have used them interchangeably and mean to be the same. Could someone please explain the difference . What is the Archie equation?

Archie developed his famous equation to calculate, from well log parameters, the water saturation (Sw) of the uninvaded zone in a formation next to a borehole. Sw = water saturation of the uninvaded zone . Sw interpretations should be made accounting for h, r3 and pore throat size distribution in the reservoir. The Archie equation is the most widely used method of determining Sw. It can be calculated from the effective porosity and the resistivity of the log.

It is the determination of petrochemical calculations used to quantify the hydrocarbon saturation. Moreover, it can be described . Saturation can be expressed as volume per volume units. This paper presents the method used to calibrate the log data to the OBC water saturations and reviews the methods used to derive resistivity and formation factor values. It also presents field measurements of as-received core-plug resistivity and water – saturation values from two oil-base-mud (OBM) -cored wells. Etissue increases with increasing turgor pressure, which has been verified for a growing tissue.

It is also known to depend upon the size of the tissue. Hitherto, many scientists attempted to estimate accurately water saturation from well-logging data which has a continuous record without losing information. Therefore, various model were introduced to relate reservoir properties . Formation porosity and water saturation play important role in evaluating potential oil reservoirs and for drafting development plans for new oil fields. Dielectric measurements of moist soils are used to determine water saturations. The degree of satu- ration of water is determined using a mixing law for the composite structure (soil, water, and air) which is verified experimentally.

Online calculator, figures and tables showing water saturation (vapor) pressure at temperatures ranging from to 3°C and from to 700°F – in Imperial and SI Units. Перевод контекст water saturation c английский на русский от Reverso Context: The emission rate depends on a complex array of factors like soil structure, pH, temperature, type of crop, water saturation and nitrogen fertilizer.