Watermelon seeds

Love to eat watermelon seeds or spit them out? But the nutritional benefits of watermelon seeds may convince you otherwise. One of several minerals found in watermelon seeds is magnesium.

The FDA recommends adults get 4mg of this mineral daily. You probably think about the sweet, juicy pulp, with the seeds an afterthought and maybe good only for spitting contests. You may have once believed that swallowing a watermelon seed would ignite the growth of an enormous fruit inside your belly.

So instead of ingesting, you diligently plucked out each individual seed before chomping into the juicy fruit. Or you kept an arsenal of seeds in the pocket of your cheek to use as . No need to worry, though! Experts say you should . The benefits of watermelon does not only come from its fruit but also its seeds. Before we eat watermelon seeds , we should peel the seeds. Watermelon is one of the fruits that is rich of water.

Roasted watermelon seeds are served as a snack or used to garnish salads. In Nigeria, they are used in certain soups.

We offer both diploid and triploid watermelons in a number of unusual colors, and all with exceptional, sweet flavor. Seedless watermelons require specific temperature and moisture conditions to ensure proper germination. Some seeds may develop under stressful conditions.

Seeds of a pollinator and complete growing instructions are . Most Americans prize the sweet and juicy flesh of watermelons, but remove or spit out the seeds. This general disdain for the seeds has led to the development of “seedless” watermelons, which produce much smaller, lighter colored seeds. However, watermelon seeds are consumed in many cultures around the worl . Like many other seeds and nuts, watermelon seeds provide a source of healthy unsaturated fat.

We carry watermelon seed for wide range of sizes and colors. The origins of the watermelon are steeped in mystery. It is known to be native to Africa, where wild bitter . Comprehensive brochures can also be viewed or downloaded in PDF format using the links next to each variety, where available.

Planting Guide View Planting Guide. Disease Table View Disease Table. All watermelon seeds start off .