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Over 2million Americans consume food products made of wheat every day. As a result, over 1million experience some form of adverse health effect. Could giving up wheat help you to lose weight, feel better, and have more energy?

What if a doctor told you it could? In his best-selling diet book, Davis recalls seeing a picture of himself from a family vacation that made him realize he .

A NON-gluten glycoprotein or lectin (combination of sugar and protein) in wheat called wheat germ agglutinin (WGA)(1) found in highest concentrations in whole wheat increases whole body inflammation as well. This is not an autoimmune reaction but can be just as dangerous and cause heart attacks (2). The wheat belly diet has a lot in common with the popular Paleo diet and other low-carb diet plans. Find out what it is and how to follow it. Keith said: Oh Go do I have to read this?

But as that fad has gained steam, so has another trend — going entirely grain-free. Are grains harming your health? William Davis and this is the official page for verified information on a.

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Is this dietary staple bad for your belly and your brain? I personally recommend a moderate, rather than a high-carbohydrate diet for most people based on the weight of evidence,” says Susan Roberts. Wheat barneklær på nett.