Yucca plant

Growing a yucca plant indoors adds a focal point to a room or works as part of an attractive, indoor display. Learn how to care for a yucca houseplant in the article that follows. It is a perennial, evergreen shrub that comes in several species.

The yucca plant is a drought tolerant evergreen native to the hot, dry areas of the Americas and the Caribbean. Lately, these unusual plants have .

There are also plenty of awesome variegated forms to choose from. Proper sunlight and soil, along with watering and fertilizer applications will keep yuccas growing for years. Being able to diagnose common problems will help . A yucca plant is a hardy annual that thrives with little maintenance. In many cases of dying yuccas, the problem is too much attention or not enough light. Tip: Spider mites are a common problem with indoor yuccas as well.

Yucca plants prefer dry, desert. Read tips on watering and sunlight.

Find yucca plants ads from Perth Region, WA. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Native to the southwest region of the United States, yucca plants have adapted well to cultivation in Australian homes and gardens. Functions Only for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.

Placement For indoor use. Temperature Minimum temperature 32°F. Item Dimensions: Length: 24. Height of plant : 1cm. This beautiful plant yucca elegantly packaged will be a natural complement perfect for any space: from offices to classic apartments, from loft design to commercial shops.

Repotting larger yucca plants can be difficult, so larger plants can be refreshed with new potting soil by digging out the top two inches of the container and adding new soil. During typical repotting, remove the yucca plant. See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for yucca plant you can buy on Shutterstock. Midwest or Southwest, depending on the species.

The graceful spinelike succulent leaves characteristic of yuccas provide an unusual texture to garden plantings. These plants are hardy in U.

Most of the yucca species are short, shrubby plants , but there are some tree forms that feature the same sword-shaped leaves.