Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Define acaricide : a pesticide that kills mites and ticks. They are one part of a strategy for controlling ticks around homes and should be combined with measures to reduce tick habitats. Learn more about acaricides in this article.

Insecticides are any substance or a mixture of substances intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate insects. Similarly, acaricides are substances that can destroy mites.

A chemical can exert both insecticidal and acaricidal effects. Based on their properties, these chemicals can be classified into four groups: 1) . Application of acaricides is adopted during the rainy season to destroy the maximum number of ticks and to stop their multiplication. The strategic treatment schedule is applie once at the beginning of the rainy season to stop their multiplication and again at the end of the rainy season to eliminate those ticks which survived . A list of common names for acaricides , classified according to chemical structure. A component of the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names.

This class of pesticides is large and includes antibiotic acaricides , carbamate acaricides , formamidine acaricides , mite growth regulators, organophosphate acaricides , and many others.

Applications are often arranged into MoA spray windows or blocks that are defined by the stage of crop development and the biology of the pest species of concern. Local expert advice should always be followed with regard to spray windows and timings. Acaricide : An agent, usually a chemical, that kills mites. Several sprays may be possible within each spray window but it is . The last few years have seen the introduction of an unprecedented number of . According to Walker (13), “the acaricidal treatment of livestock remains the most conveniently effective way to reduce production losses from tick parasitosis and tick-borne pathogens, despite repeated predictions over many decades that this is an unsustainable” method.

This statement should however take . Chemical analysis shows that honey bees (Apis mellifera) and hive products contain many pesticides derived from various sources. The most abundant pesticides are acaricides applied by beekeepers to control Varroa destructor. Beekeepers also apply antimicrobial drugs to control bacterial . An acaricide is a pesticide used to kill mites and ticks (Table 1). Always check with state and federal authorities to be sure products containing these active ingredients are registered for use. Always read labels carefully and follow the directions completely.

Definition of acaricide – a substance poisonous to mites or ticks. A substance or agent that kills ticks and mites. English dictionary definition of acaricide.

Any substance which kills acarids (mites and ticks). Select targeted languages. Portuguese: acaricida (pt) m.