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An apiary is a location where beehives of honey bees are kept. Apiaries come in many sizes and can be rural or urban depending on the honey production operation. It can also be a wall-less, roofed structure, similar . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden GitHub is where people build software. More than million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over million projects. Все мы любим ничего не делать работать с хорошо документированным API.

С помощью стандартов API Blueprint или Swagger можно получить читаемую машиной и человеком документацию, а значит и инструменты проверки API на основе этой документации.

Apiary definition, a place in which a colony or colonies of bees are kept, as a stand or shed for beehives or a bee house containing a number of beehives. The transaction has closed. Oracle acquired API management startup Apiary today for an undisclosed amount.

The Apiary is the soul of Apis. Apiary provides tools that help companies buil test, monitor, and document web APIs. With hives onsite, the apiary actively completes the cycle of sustainability at Apis and symbolizes our mission to provide and promote that which is pure, clean, and local.

It is also called a bee yard. It can be very helpful to the crops that surround it, as it encourages bee populations to remain in the area. In return, the bees will perform pollination activities . Værsymbolet gjelder for hele perioden, temperatur- og vindvarselet er for det første tidspunktet. Slik forstår du varslene på Yr. Varselet viser lokal tid for Apiary , timer bak Norge.

Oracle says it is buying Apiary , a company that specializes in managing and monitoring application programming interfaces, or APIs, which offer standard ways to connect software applications. Both software giants and large Fortune 5companies are scrambling to add expertise in building, monitoring, . The honey bees promote pollination of native plants and crops within Hudson Gardens and in the local community.

The Apiary also serves as an educational resource by providing a training ground . Simple and type safe web framework that can be automatically generate API documentation. Warp import qualified Data. Beekeepers: The Apiary Registry is a tool that is used to help protect honey bees from exposure to chemicals that are toxic to bees. By adding the locations of your beehives to the registry, pesticides applicators will avoid application of pesticides toxic to bees to blooming crops in close proximity of the registered location . Early in the year we also have our Indiana overwintered stock.

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