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Norwegian aquaculture operates in the natural environment that we all share, and that imposes obligations on everyone involved. For this reason, sustainability within aquaculture is more than. Get in-depth insights into the Norwegian Seafood industry and its commitment to sustainability, innovation, food safety and the truth about farm-raised seafood. The industry also has a long history at local level as the businesses it embraces form the cornerstone of many Norwegian coast- al communities.

The Norwegian Aquaculture Analysis: Key findings.

The analysis covers the value chain from technical solutions to production and export of salmon and trout. As a multidisciplinary provider of professional services to . Throughout its history, fishery has been a major industry in Norway. People critical of salmon farming are hilarious. The types of people who argue on one hand that we should use. Nofima is a business oriented research institute working in research and development for the aquaculture , fisheries and food industry in Norway.

They carry out research at an international level and develop solutions which can give a competitive edge throughout the value chain. AKVA group is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide.

From futuristic egg-shaped enclosures that bob in the water to supertanker-like structures submerged in the ocean, the Norwegian government is trying to counter increasing challenges in the form of sea lice, fish escapes and the shortage of suitable coastline for aquaculture. One of the big problems for . The Department for Fisheries and Aquaculture is responsible for matters related to fisheries, the fishing fleet and the aquaculture industry. AS were hired to carry out a comparative analysis of the relative competitive conditions for the aquaculture industries of Norway , Scotland and Chile.

To enable Norwegian research groups to develop knowledge at the international forefront. The programme will fund both basic research and applied . Suggested citation format: Hjeltnes B, Bornø , G, Jansen, M Haukaas, A,. Walde, C (Eds.), The Health Situation in.

Cover Design: Reine Linjer. The center is located to Toft in Brønnøy and cooperate with several companies in fish farming and related businesses. Situated outside of Trondheim, this innovative new facility introduces a . Recent efforts from research, industry and public authorities have been committed to develop a Norwegian bio-economy based on cultivated seawee focusing on cultivation and processing of the biomass.

This review reports on the status of seaweed aquaculture in Norway , supported by production data collected since . The development of techniques and methods are exciting, and many different backgrounds and expertise has found a carrier in the marine sector. The jobs in aquaculture , however, are the second . The success of the Bergen region within aquaculture and fishing activities has been achieved through the combined effort of targeted research, a strong financial environment, experienced fish farmers and governmental support.

This governmental infrastructure is important and unique – this area is home . At the aquaculture visitor center at Smøla you can learn more about Norwegian fish-farming. There are such viewing centers in Norway and one of them in Møre og Romsdal and on the idyllic island. Canada, Chile, Norway and Scotland (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants” ),.

Recognize the importance of seafood from aquaculture as a contributor to global food security and as a safe, nutritious, and healthy food source around the world;. In exactly two weeks, a few of us from the Deep Trekker team will be in Norway at one of the largest aquaculture conferences in the world: AquaNor. This year the conference is being held in Trondheim, Norway and we are extremely excited to be showcasing our ROVs in our 2gallon test tank.