Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. They are used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites, in bicycle tires, marine cordage, marine hull reinforcement, and as an asbestos substitute. The name is a portmanteau of aromatic . It is appropriate for various applications such as composites, ballistics, aerospace, automotive.

It might be difficult for you to conjure up an image when I mention the words, aramid fibers, but if I told you that they are the raw materials used within body armor, bullet-proof vest, firefighters uniforms, etc, then you start to get the picture.

In fact, aramid fibers are the superstar family in fiber world. In the research labs at E. Stephanie Kwolek and Herbert Blades, were working in a corporate lab to create a new fiber. The technology they developed had enhanced strength, was lightweight and very flexible. Each of these belong to the class of aramid.

Kevlar and other polyamides, all conjure up images of ultra strong materials that are elbowing out more conventional construction materials such as steel. Although not used in boats as ropes very much it is sometimes used in high end composite for sailboats . Aramid fibre is a man-made organic polymer (an aromatic polyamide) produced by spinning a solid fibre from a liquid chemical blend.

The bright golden yellow filaments produced can have a range of properties, but all have high strength and low density giving very high specific strength. All grades have good resistance to. Federal Trade Commission ( FTC) distinguished these fibers from conventional aliphatic polyamide fibers, i. Aramid , forkortet betegnelse på aromatiske polyamider, norsk hovedbetegnelse ( fibermerking) for syntetiske fibere som består av lineære makromolekyler hvor aromatiske grupper er bundet i kjeden til amider eller imider. Fiberene tåler høy temperatur, de brenner ikke, men forkuller.

Aramid , in full aromatic polyamide, any of a series of synthetic polymers ( substances made of long chainlike multiple-unit molecules) in which repeating units containing large phenyl rings are linked together by amide groups. Amide groups (CO-NH) form strong bonds that are resistant to solvents and heat. Aramid is a short term for aromatic amide and refers to a reinforced fiber with tensile strength five times as strong as iron given the same weight, light weight, excellent heat resistance, and low cut resistance.

This product is very widely used in industries that require high strength and lightweight materials. The syntheses of these aramid polymers requires very reactive monomers. Specifically, an aromatic diacid chloride is reacted with an aromatic diamine.

The commercial polymers sold by DuPont use para with para monomers and meta with meta. You can view the monomers here. This core material exhibits improved performance characteristics over . These fibers are an organic fiber found in the aromatic polyamide ( aramid ) family and are typically gold in color.

The record indicates that there is little interchangeability among the various forms of PPD-T aramid fiber. Du Pont itself acknowledges that, after a customer chooses to use a particular form of aramid fiber in its product, it is difficult for the customer to choose another form of PPD-T aramid fiber or switch between fiber forms.

Aramid definition, any of a class of synthetic aromatic long-chain polyamides capable of extrusion into fibers having resistance to high temperatures and great strength. The brave men and women of the military, law enforcement and emergency response communities deserve the best protective equipment available. Foreign producers of articles fabricated from basic forms of aramid fiber have purchased the basic forms of aramid fiber from complainant and . Meta-Aramids will not ignite or melt in normal levels of oxygen. Basic Terms To Understand Aramids 02.

Aramid is a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming material is a long chain synthetic polyamide having at least of its amide linkages (-NH-CO-) attached directly to two aromatic rings.