Arapaima gigas

Arapaima gigas er en art i gruppen arowanaer. Den største fanget på sportsfiskeutstyr veide 1kg. Once believed to be the sole species in the genus, it is among the largest freshwater fish.

The species is an obligate air-breather and needs to come to the surface regularly to gulp air. XoiFN-uzPs Lignende 28.

Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden South America: Amazon River basin. International trade restricted (CITES II, since .75). Taxonomic Source(s):, Eschmeyer, W. Catalog of Fishes: genera, species, references.

A diver shares a tank with an adult arapaima fish at an aquarium in Manaus, Brazil. Known as the pirarucu in Brazil and the paiche in Peru, this South America giant is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Its local name derives from the indigenous words for red and fish, a reference either to the striking red flecks on the scales towards the tail or the reddish-orange colour of the filleted flesh. As a consequence of this taxonomic confusion, most earlier studies have been done using the name A.

Recognized By, Rank, Classification. Synonym:Pangasius gigas. Delgado PM(1), Delgado JP, Orbe RI. IUCN DATA DEFICIENT (DD). Facts about this animal.

The lower jaw is prominent and it has no barbels. There are more than scales in the lateral line. Analysis of variable microsatellite loci and. Ecuadorian Amazon to learn about the Amazonian fish, paiche, and to witness fishfarming initiative by Cofan community. Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s):.

They possess an uncommon quality for fishes— the ability to breathe air. This feat is made possible by a primitive lung, which arapaima possess in conjunction with a gill system that allows them to . This species is in danger of disappearing because of the exploitation by the fishing industry and increasing . Each scale is composed of two layers: a laminate composite of parallel collagen fibrils and a har highly mineralized surface layer. We review the structure of the . That is how I was instructed to pronounce this gargantuan, prehistoric-looking fresh water fish from South America.

Referred to as The King of the Amazon, paiche is a big fish for something that lives in rivers. In fact, it is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Physical description: The body is covered with large , thick scales. The tail is small and round and the body is elongated.

Its head to midsection is dark brown to black with. It has a large , wide mouth that faces upward. Read more about Piranha Defense.