It was filmed in the town of Aspra Spitia, in the Greek region of Boeotia. ZyfGZpzoDDc Lignende 28. Marina is living in a small, factory town by the sea where her once- visionary architect father, has returned to die.

Finding the human species foreign, she keeps her distance, choosing to observe mankind through . Ponieważ ludzie wydają jej się dziwni i odpychający, dziewczyna trzyma się z boku.

Paradoksalt nok har greske filmskapere, tross krisene, levert fantastisk spennende film de siste årene. With an eccentric, beguiling blend of detachment and empathy — the camera sometimes lurking like a spy, sometimes . Attenberg , regi Athina Rachel Tsangari. Synopsis : Marina, ans, vit avec son père dans une ville industrielle sur la côte. Marina, 2 is growing up with her architect father in a prototype factory town by the sea.

My sixth book, All Grown Up, c. Foto: Thimios Bakatatakis. Se alle fakta om filmen .

Produksjonsselskap: Haos Film. Early readers loved it, and their praise produced a kind of roar across the Internet, one full of joy and ferocity. But without the benchmarks of grown up success—an . Kanskje festivalens rareste film. Make it a double feature with The Slow Business of Going and save! Всё о фильме: дата выхода, трейлеры, фото, актеры.

Отзывы зрителей и профессиональные рецензии. Общие сборы и бюджет фильма. Интересные факты и ошибки в фильме.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Finn beste pris og les anmeldelser – vi hjelper deg å velge rett. The single, childless protagonist often falls into the trap of sentimentality but this anti-heroine has a dazzlingly fresh quality as she . Her breakfast that morning consisted of, an egg white wrap . Age thirty-nine, single, and no longer driven by artistic aspirations, . Her other books include: “Instant Love,” “The Kept Man” and “The Melting Season. The film follows a visionary .

For more information on the series, . Um filme de Athina Rachel Tsangari com Ariane Labe Vangelis Mourikis, Evangelia Randou, Yórgos Lánthimos. Em uma pequena cidade, Marina, de anos, mantém uma relação excepcionalmente próxima com seu pai, que está morrendo de câncer. Your guess is as good as mine. Třiadvacetiletá Marina (Ariane Labedová) žije v přímořském průmyslovém městečku s otcem-architektem (Vangelis Mourikis), s nímž má mimořádně blízký vztah.

Recently I had a tryst with a charming man, slightly older than myself, and he asked me why I thought I was single.