Bergmann magne

Odin fit most highend turntables on the market- incl. Bergmann Galder 4-arm turntable. Magne ST is the separate tonearm to be mounted on almost any turntable brand on the market.

Magne turntable and tonearm is extremely simple to adjust a. The platter – centred by a spindel – floats on an air film.

I immediately recognise Danish design. It took a few years, but recently the idea . High end entry level system – Magne er en fullt luftbåren platespiller med luftbårende tangensial tonearm. Magne platespiller og tonearmen er svært enkel å stille inn og bruke.

Luftpumpen er utstyrt med kondens og luftfilter med . Before I heard a note, I fell in love with the look of these Danish Bauhaus beauties. All straight lines, simple design and an air bearing, tangential tracking arm that looked as elegant as the turntable to which it was attached.

Minus: Bortsett fra manglende justering av beina, absolutt ingenting. Now, I guess this kind of a structure is not entirely free from friction either because air too causes resistance to movement. When Magne is switched . Aaudio Imports introduced into the U. Highend entry level system – Magne is a fully airbearing turntable and lineair tracking airbearing tonearm. Tangentialarm komplett med kompressor och slangar. The airsupply is equiped with condence- and dustfilters, and reservoirs . Kan monteras på dom flesta skivspelare.

Technical specifications Tonearm Linear tracking airbearing. Reprinted from hifi news. However great they may soun air bearing designs can seem daunting to the inexperienced. But this Danish turntable package is more user-friendly than most. Review: Steve Harris Lab: Paul Miller.

Trained as a mechanical engineer,. Trenger forslag til PU til en Magne.

Likker et lyd bilde som er på den varme siden av nøytral, dynamisk og med det en kaller for baller. The company claims a “thoroughly considered simply construction, made with few parts in solid materials to avoid . Deens design herken ik direct.