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The enormous catch put Donna in first place in the tuna section for the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Nationals Competition. She is now awaiting certification from the International Game Fish Association so she can claim the world record. The largest fish ever caught and approved as IGFA all-tackle fishing world records. The top ten yellowfin tuna sport fishing records.

Photos of some of the biggest yellowfin tuna records caught while deep sea fishing. A tuna is a saltwater fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a sub-grouping of the mackerel family (Scombridae).

Donna Pascoe wants to stuff her record-breaking tuna catch and hang it on her wall. The best images of the biggest fishes ever caught. Japanese are the biggest consumers of the torpedo-shaped bluefin tuna , and surging consumption of sushi has boosted deman as experts warn the species could go extinct.

A report by the International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna -like Species in the North Pacific Ocean last year put the . In a Jaws-like battle the giant fish dragged his boat for more than two-and-a-half miles after it was hooked. It only took Fraser minutes to land the massive 6kilograms (4lb) Atlantic bluefin, the largest of its species ever . Mr Alsop finally landed the huge 7ft 7in long catch 45 . A large bluefin tuna can take about 2yards of fishing line as it tries to get away from the fishing boat.

Who has caught the biggest bluefin tuna in North Carolina waters this year? That honor is being passed back and forth between fishermen from Morehead City and Southport, but since Jan. Submitted by Jeff MacNeill ) . In a lifetime spent fishing for them, can you tell me about the biggest tuna you have ever had aboard? We never weighed it till it was brought in.

Dressed out with the head and tail missing and the guts, . Catch of the Week: Nine Foot Monster. The Hot Tuna hooks up with one serious keeper, a nine-foot butterball of fatty tuna. This catch could be the redemption they need to pull through the rest of this slow season with some dignity.

Lanny Clark of Brentwood recently witnessed what could be the largest bluefin tuna ever caught off the coast of Florida. The endangered bluefin tuna was returned to the waters by the angler who caught it. Whitley hooked an 827-pound bluefin tuna.

This bluefin tuna is now the biggest fish ever landed from Welsh waters. Few fish are tougher than tuna. Here are some for the record book.

Matt Shepard of Virginia Beach, Virginia, landed this 166-pound bluefin tuna on March while fishing from a kayak about miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The Biggest Tuna Ever Caught (From a Kayak). The fish sets a new record for the largest tuna ever .

The whopping bluefin tuna fish weighed 505lbs and was caught using lightweight equipment. Catching Areas: Eastern Pacific Western Pacific Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean. Catching Methods: Mostly purse seining, long-lining, pole-and-line. Share of all Tuna Caught:. Jonathan Anderson and Captain Herb Sheades, landed what is likely the largest bluefin tuna ever caught off the North Carolina coast.

The two commercial fishermen were aboard the Fish Bucket on an early morning run last week. Nothing is ever normal, these fish are extremely finicky, says Anderson. SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Sport anglers fishing off the coast of San Clemente reeled in what is believed to be the largest bluefin tuna ever caught on the west coast on Tuesday. Skipjack tuna from the western Pacific is common on supermarket shelves, but a new coalition argues its certification as sustainable is illusory.

Bluefin tuna sells for £500at Japan auction amid overfishing concerns. A bluefin tuna has fetched 74. Tsukiji market in Tokyo, amid warnings that decades of overfishing by Japan.

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