Cobnuts , part of the hazelnut family are also known as filberts. When young, they are sweet and coconutty, but equally delicious when older and dried. Cobnuts are seasonal, and are sold fresh, not dried like most other nuts. They can usually only be bought from about the middle of August through to October. Stored nuts may be available from selected larger outlets through to Christmas.

At the beginning of the season the husks are green and the kernels particularly juicy.

In mid to late August cobnuts are picked in their green state. At this stage they have a flavour more like a pea than a nut. Once picked they are best treated as fresh produce and kept in a fridge using a well ventilated container.

Alternatively they can be stored in cool dry place in a perforated container or basket. The secret of his vitality? Well, he would say that.

You may be able to buy fresh nuts, particularly native cobnuts , still in their husks when. A Cobnut is a type of hazelnut traditionally grown in Kent.

They are harvested in their green state form mid August and with brown shells and husks by mid October. Nuts are an ancient, natural and nutritious food which have been grown in Britain since time immemorial. During the Tudor period their cultivation on a properly managed basis was evident and formed the foundation upon which the Victorians planted a large number of cob nut . The words are widely interchangeable, with Hazelnuts being the most generic. Christopher McCooey investigates the cultivated hazel nut. Although hazel nuts have . Find out all you need to about caring for Wisteria.

Every season I asked about them and each time was tol simply, they were Kentish cobnuts. They come in hard shells that can wreak havoc on an otherwise uneventful Christmas lunch – not surrounded by rugged green leaves, which can be peeled back to reveal the most unctuous, . Nutteries and these can be very decorative provide an ideal canopy for all manner of woodlanders. Meet Richard Daine, our cobnut farmer from Kent, who explains how our nuts are harvested and prepared for. Cobnuts were first cultivated around Maidstone in Kent probably as far back as the 16th century.

Plantations, as growers called their nut farms, spread out as far as Sussex, Devon and Worcestershire, and by the time of the first world war there were 0acres of hazelnut orchards, or plats, in Britain. What is the difference between a Hazelnut and a Filbert and a Cobnut ? All of the Corylus species are technically . Please note that cobnuts are not self fertile, for success plant two or more different varieties. This will ensure good pollination.

Only suitable for growing . Regula explores the growth of the nutritious cobnut and shares her delightful cobnut and apple tart recipe. Picking Hazelnuts ( Cobnuts ). I picked these Hazelnuts from a tree that over- hangs my garden.