Content is not allowed in prolog

This error is probably related to a byte order mark (BOM) prior to the actual XML content. You will find a possible solution here. Flere resultater fra stackoverflow. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 8. Content-is-not-allowed-in-p.

To make it easier for me I use Jython instead of Java, which makes the code quite small: import com.

Working XML via SAX parser, but when it parse some XML file, it prompts following error message : org. RapidMiner as RapidMiner import com. Issue: When loading a jrxml file into iReport, you may see the following error: Error loading the report template: org.

You may inspect the document in a text editor and think nothing is wrong, but you need to go down to the byte level to understand the problem. After adding the Parse-1. So I seem to suddenly have an issue loading. I am using the unedited INE topologies downloaded directly.

Initially I was using directly downloaded local copies imported from my PC.

The Maximo application logs will show. Configured ESB container with log4j. While loading the log4j. I am attempting to port our current java web application from Forms Server to Forms Server ES, and are having difficulties with processFormSubmission.

As stated in the adobe . I have also checked the XML and there are no characters or invisible characters in the prolog. Please let me know if I have set the job up correctly? Because I thought my original grammar could be too complicate I tried so with a very simple one, and I still get that error. Exception in component tFileInputXML_java. Установка ПО Универсальный транспортный модуль Ошибка установки ПО Универсальный транспортный модуль: java.

Unknown Source) at javax. Не удалость установить приложение. Right now we are using Pega 7. When looking on this forum and on stackoverflow this topic is treated though it seems not to tackle the issue for me at the moment. The topic mentions it has to do with characters in front of the ? Forum name: Wordfast support.

Subcode: faultString: org.