Erstatter man de to hydrogenatomene i cyanamid med kationer, fås cyanamidsalter. Det viktigste saltet er kalsiumcyanami CaNCN. The 435-acre site is bounded by Main Street (Easton Turnpike) to the north, the Raritan.

River to the south and west, and a commercial property and Route 2to the east. Prior owners used the 575-acre site for numerous chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations for more than 90 . Although Pfizer never operated at the site, Pfizer takes its responsibility for this site seriously, .

Reyhan Mehran, NOAA Regional Resource Coordinator . English dictionary definition of cyanamid. A deliquescent caustic crystalline compoun CH2N prepared by treating calcium cyanamide with sulfuric acid. American Cyanamid Company was a U. A summary and case brief of Indiana Harbor Belt R. Preliminary work on a facility to treat the groundwater . Archaic form of cyanamide. Case opinion for US 2nd Circuit HOLLANDER v.

AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY. Join LinkedIn today for free. William Bell, a lawyer, succeeded Washburn upon his death.

With this new leadership came a new strategic plan to grow the company—aggressive diversification. The cleanup work will address six disposal areas at the site, . It took only three months to integrate. Cytec moved into separate headquarters in West Paterson, N. SOMERSET COUNTY, NEW JERSEY. Environmental Protection Agency. Emergency and Remedial Response Division.

Five men were killed and many were injured. New Penn Motor Express, Inc. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

The policy was designed to eliminate the risk of fetal exposure to toxic workplace chemicalsby assuring that no women who could possibly carry a . Brief Analysis: The learned intermediaryrequirement . Additional content available upon purchase. Decomposition of Cyanamid in storage, 2 29. Definitions of terms used in Cyanamid industry, 3-4.

Derivatives of Cyanamid , 8-18. The guidelines consider: Is there a serious issue to be tried? If so, what is the balance of convenience?

Facts: D loaded 20k gallons of liquid acrylonitrile (a toxic, flammable chemical used in textile manufacturing) into a railroad car tank. Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers v.