In biology and genetics, the germline in a multicellular organism is the population of its bodily cells that are so differentiated or segregated that in the usual processes of reproduction they may pass on their genetic material to the progeny. A germline mutation, or germinal mutation, is any detectable variation within germ cells Mutations in these cells are the only mutations that can be passed on to offspring, when either a mutated sperm or oocyte come together to form a zygote. After this fertilization event occurs, germ cells divide rapidly to produce all of the . Could a mutation in one of your liver cells ever be passed on to your children? The sequence of cells which develop into eggs and sperm.

Inherited material that comes from the eggs or sperm and is passed on to offspring.

What Kind of Doctor Do I Need? Dental (Oral) Health Quiz: Test Your Dental Hygiene IQ. Heart Disease: Causes of a Heart . Looking for online definition of germ line in the Medical Dictionary? Meaning of germ line medical term.

DNA: listen ( JERM-line) The DNA in germ cells (egg and sperm cells that join to form an embryo). Also called constitutional DNA. National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health . A germline mutation may be passed from parent to offspring.

Germline mutations are passed on from parents to offspring. This type of engineering is inheritable, meaning that the modified genes would appear not only in any children that resulted from the procedure, but in all succeeding generations. Typically gene transfer involves using a vector such as a virus to deliver a therapeutic gene to the appropriate target . Over recent years, there have been numerous insights into the regulatory mechanisms that govern both germ cell specification and the maintenance of the germline in adults.

Complex regulatory interactions with both the niche and the environment. Aging and the germ line : where mortality and immortality meet. Germ cells are highly specialized cells that form gametes, and. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. Reik W(1), Surani MA(2).

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