Goats in trees

The Argania tree is not the most aesthetically pleasing plant in the world with a rough, thorny bark and gangly, crooked branches. But these Moroccan trees still tend to attract admirers, thanks in large part to the hordes of goats that can usually be found perching in them. DO GOATS GROW ON TREES ? PhotoWorkshopAdventures.

Out in Morocco between Marrakesh and Essaouira, goats eating in a tree.

Filmed by myself, while I was. These Moroccan goats climb up local argan trees often, and they make a lot of people a lot of money by doing it. Outside the port city of Essaouira, a peculiar sight can be seen perched in the trees : goats ! Hoof it through Morocco to see the strange phenomenon for yourself. Read more about these tree -climbing goats.

On the dusty road from Marrakech to the coastal town of Essaouira, argan trees pepper the rust-colored countryside. The gnarle thorny plants grown exclusively in southwestern Morocco and western Algeria may not be pretty, but they attract plenty of fans.

Herds of hungry goats pose in their crooked . Find out how the tree -climbing skills of these goats in Morocco help them, the plants and the local people. Check out our feature on the unusual goats in trees in Morocco to find out why the goats climb argan trees and where you can see this strange sight. Do trees grow from seeds that goats eat and later expel? That is a question that has long bedeviled ecologists. The goat will swallow it, poop it out and a tree could sprout.

But where can you find them? And are they all that they seem? Goats are the primary threat to the argan forests because they climb the trees to graze their leaves. If processing argan oil by hand means the buying and herding of fewer goats, you might think this would lead in turn to fewer goats in trees.

Clearly, a scenario that would be a net negative for the amount of . In Morocco, goats help disperse the seeds of local argan trees by spitting them out. This way of disseminating seeds might actually be more common than scientists have previously thought, according. The best hope for the conservation of the trees may lie in the recent development of a thriving export market for argan oil as a high-value product.

However, the wealth brought by argan oil export has also created threats to argan trees in the form of increased goat population. Locals use the newfound wealth to buy more .

Answer of 10: You will come across plenty of Goasts in trees if you drive between Essaouira and Agadir. Travel forums for Agadir. Discuss Agadir travel with TripAdvisor travellers. Popular lore has it that goats defecate the seeds of fruits from the argan tree , but instead they must spit them out, helping to effectively disperse them.

These goats are balancing themselves on thin tree branches.