Gobio gobio

Gobio gobio , or the gudgeon, is a species of fish in the Cyprinidae family. This small fish is widely distributed in fresh-water streams and lakes across central and temperate Eurasia. The gudgeon inhabits all kinds of fresh-water habitats with sandy bottoms.

It is a gregarious species, and feeds on benthic invertebrates. Sandkryper Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Vitenskapelig(e) navn: Gobio gobio.

Norsk(e) navn: sandkryper, grundling. Biologisk klassifikasjon: Rike: Dyreriket. Nasjonal rødliste (Norge):. Gobio is a genus of typical gudgeons, ray-finned fish in the family Cyprinidae many of which are endemics of south-eastern Europe. Members of the genus are usually small fish, rarely longer than cm.

Many species previously in Gobio are now placed in the sister genus Romanogobio. Introduced to eastern and northern Italy, Irelan Wales and Scotland.

Black and Caspian Sea basins. Editio decima, reformata. Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae. Minnows have small, slender bodies with a blunt nose and a small down-turned mouth.

Comprehensive Description. MagnoliaPress via Plazi. A typical bottom-dweller, it has a long, slender body, eyes close to top of hea and mouth inferior. Sanchez W(1), Bender C(), Porcher JM(2).

Отряд карпообразные (Cypriniformes). Семейство карповые (Cyprinidae). A taxonomic species within the family Cyprinidae – the gudgeon. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified – standards met . Beskrivelse: Den lille sandkryperen er svært ulik de andre finske karpefiskene.

Den er en typisk bunnfisk med lang og slank kropp, øyne nær toppen av hodet og munnen under hodet. Marine ecosystem contamination by microplastics is extensively documented.

However few data is available on the contamination of continental water bodies and associated fauna. Morača River basin (Montenegro). Radek ŠANDA Věra LUSKOVÁand Jasna VUKIĆ3.

Institute of Vertebrate Biology, . Learn more about the Gudgeon – with amazing Gudgeon photos and facts on Arkive. AnAge entry for Gobio gobio.