In addition to syntax highlighting and Javadoc rendering,. This repository tracks Android source releases from Grepcode , with inserted Droidel stubs. JD-GUI- GrepCode , an extension for JD-GUI to search Java sources from grepcode. I am wondering if there is Grep code that can be used to search for any superscript digits or characters in Indesign?

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 11.

Moved Find on GrepCode. Plugin XML ID: GrepCode. Search menu to Tools menu. Help me please to edit my GREP code to make text italic within single quotation marks with words that contains apostrophe.

Hello dear InDesign community. I have a problem that it stops working on the first apostrophe in a sentence. GREP sees it as the right quotation mark.

Hallo… Can anybody help me with a crep code?

I need to change quotation mark from one kind to another. From “lots of words in the book” to lots of words in the book. Eclipse Versions: Mars (), Luna (), Kepler (), Juno ( ), Previous to Juno (=), Neon (), Oxygen (). Organization Name: GrepCode. I believe there is no such thing true implementation of java.

Java is standardized by java specifications and there are many implementations of it. GrepCode lists source code from openjdk, which is the only open source java implementation. Explore websites and apps like GrepCode , all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.

Python, being an interpreted language vs. C version of grep will always be slower. Apart from that your Python implementation is not the same as your grep example.

It is not returning the matching lines, it is merely testing to see if the pattern matches the characters on any one line. GrepCode is a Java code search service that looks for code stored in Maven and OSGI repositories. The API may also retrieve a jar file by its project . Can you explain how this would be use is the end goal to find a some stuff restricting the search to Tables, or is it something else.

It would really help if you can share how you plan to use this new GREP code for tables.