An action or actions of dirty sexual acts with another person for pleasure. Hoeing definition, a long-handled implement having a thin, flat blade usually set transversely, used to break up the surface of the groun destroy weeds, etc. English dictionary definition of hoeing.

A tool with a flat blade attached approximately at a right angle to a long handle, used for weeding, cultivating, and gardening. What does hoeing expression mean?

Synonyms for hoeing at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Translations for HOEING. The numerical value of HOEING in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4. Present participle of hoe.

Noun (plural hoeings) 2. The act of digging, weeding, etc. The field required frequent hoeings.

They spent the afternoon hoeing (the vegetable patch). But perennial weeds will often resprout from their below-ground parts, and that makes hoeing a poor control for them. See authoritative translations of Hoeing in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Перевод слова hoeing с русского на английский. Fel a reviewer for the New York Times, considered Second Hoeing a significant work because of its unforgettable depiction of the child labor problem in an agricultural context. Hoeing differs from common tillage in the time of performance: common tillage is always performed before plants are sown or planted.

Early and often has become my mantra with weed control. Definition of deep and . Putting off hoeing lets the weeds get bigger, and usually that means they are both harder to kill with the hoe and harder to distinguish from the crop. Both of these things add up to extra time, and it takes significantly more time to hoe a crop when you . Words that rhyme with hoeing : (). Hoe can be a noun or a verb, so you can use your hoe to remove weeds from a lawn, or you can hoe your garden and make it ready to plant.

The word shares the same root as hew, which is a verb that means to strike, chop, or cut. Mark Viette talks about hoeing your garden. A randomized block design that consisted of split plots and five replicates was used.

However, at first I did not think I should have had occasion of many, intending to write no more theory, than my notion of the pasture of plants, and to show how their roots are naturally adapted to receive the benefit of the Hoeing Husbandry, believing that the whole of that might have been comprised in a sheet or two, and.