Horse gram

Macrotyloma uniflorum is one of the lesser known beans. The horse gram is normally used to feed horses, though it is also commonly used in cooking. In traditional Ayurvedic cuisine, horse gram is considered a food with medicinal qualities.

Want to lose weight with horse gram ? It is also known as lentils. Use these simple recipes of kollu to lose pounds.

It has amazing nutritional value and weight loss benefits. Recent food studies have found varied medicinal uses of horse gram. Some of the key health benefits of horse gram include its usefulness as diabetic foo its ability to reduce cholesterol . These lesser known beans are used in curries and soups. Texts of ayurveda refer these beans as Kulatthika or Kulattha.

Botanical Name- Dolichos biflorus Linn. The seeds of horse gram have natural properties that work as natural fat burners. This can be taken as a regular diet for weight loss.

Why horse gram for weight reduction?

In Ayurveda medicine, horse gram is known as kulthi. It’s used in various applications to treat digestive disorders, control blood sugar level and even treat obesity and diabetes. Horse gram – Dolichos biflorus Linn. Curious about the practical uses and health benefits of this . Hence it is one of the favorite food for all walks of people.

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