En hydrant er en innretning for tapping av vann fra hovedvannledningen for å forsyne et brannvesen under en ildebrann. Hydranten er forsynt med et deksel, en lås til dekselet, samt en lås for vanngjennomstrømningen (ventil). Ved å åpne dekselet kan det tilkobles en brannslange som deretter fylles ved å dreie på ventilen. A fire hydrant , also called a fireplug, fire pump, johnny pump, or simply pump, is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply.

It is a component of active fire protection. A hydrant is an outlet from a fluid main often consisting of an upright pipe with a valve attached from which fluid (e.g. water or fuel) can be tapped. Hydrant definition, an upright pipe with a spout, nozzle, or other outlet, usually in the street, for drawing water from a main or service pipe, especially for fighting fires.

Home › Segments › Fire Protection › Fire Protection – Outdoor › hydrants. Fire hydrants have been used in fire protection for over 1years. Many of the early hydrants are in use today.

For over years the MH 1Hydrant has been produced to protect property and lives. Now, every modern hydrant feature is available on the 1and we can retrofit to year old hydrants. For the integrity of your system, specify MH 1Fire Hydrants with the assurance that our past reliability will continue into the . You may have noticed that fire hydrants are not all the same color. What you are seeing is the color assigned to each hydrant to convey how well it performs as a source of water for firefighting and other uses.

The color denotes how much water is available from the hydrant in GPM Gallons Per Minute and . Define hydrant : a discharge pipe with a valve and spout at which water may be drawn from a water main (as for fighting fires)… — hydrant in a sentence. Book your table online for The Hydrant. Our food is freshly prepared by our skilled chefs and we offer a great range of beers, ciders, wines, and spirits.

Definition of hydrant – a fitting in a street or other public place with a nozzle by which a hose may be attached to a water main. This application allows you to enter an address and locate the nearest fire hydrant or alternate water source as well as the closest fire station. Must be zoomed to a scale of 1:4for hydrants to draw on the map). You can drop a pin by choosing “Add to Map Notes” so you have a point of reference or you can change your . Operation and maintenance of the water supply system for fire protection is one of our core responsibilities.

Every one of the approximately 20fire hydrants is inspected two to . For over years, Mueller brand fire hydrants have been trusted for their reliability and performance. This gallery spotlights photographs submitted to us showing Mueller hydrants at locations all over North America. Halifax Water fire hydrant and catchbasin interactive map. Hydrant , innretning for tapping av vann fra hovedvannledning for bruk under brann. Hydranten er ført et stykke over gatehøyde, og har i alminnelighet to uttappingssteder som er forsynt med egne brannkuplinger.

Har den fordel fremfor brannkum at den er lettere å bruke om vinteren.