Hydrology research

Hydrology Research review times. Acknowledgement to Reviewers. The Editors, nominated by BHS and NHF, are Nevil Quinn (BHS) and Chong-Yu Xu (NHF). Crossref Similarity Check logo.

An integrated hydrological modeling approach for detection and attribution of climatic and human impacts on coastal water resources.

We provide new information, forecasts and knowledge of water resources in Sweden and world-wide, covering different spatial and temporal scales and a broad range of users. The information is used in decision support for a safe and sustainable society, water management, environmental protection, . Ingen informasjon er tilgjengelig for denne siden. The statutes of NHF allow for members of the Board to represent other countries than the Nordic ones, but out of a maximum of eight board members, a minimum of . These comprise, but are not limited to the physical, chemical, biogeochemical.

Modelling of hydrological hazards. We develop computer models for prediction of key hydrological hazards including flood inundation, landslides, groundwater contamination and flash floods and distribute these to large user communities as management tools. We congratulate professor Chong-Yu Xu, Department of Geosciences et.

Illustration: Colourbox. HRC was created to help bridge the large gap existing between scientific research in hydrology and applications for the solution of important societal . Stochastic rainfall modelling. My research group is interested in understanding how physical hydrologic processes influence water quality and movement through watersheds.

We study how water moves through paired surface water and groundwater systems, heat tracing in hydrologic systems, and interactions between the energy and water cycles. We pursue basic knowledge on the role of water in many earth-surface processes and seek the information needed for designing solutions to environmental issues and society’s water problems. Our research group studies fundamental and applied hydrologic flow and transport phenomena.

I have research opportunities available for graduate students interested in water resources, surface water-groundwater interaction, quantitative methods, and water-energy interactions. My research involves integration of field work and computational modeling to understand complex hydrologic systems. Research paper with exact formatting designed to give student practice in literature review and scientific publication.

Rainfall-runoff modeling and parameter estimation. Operational streamflow forecasting. Climate variability and land-atmosphere interactions. Coupled fluxes of heat, moisture, and carbon at the land surface.

Nonlinear dynamics of coupled hydrologic systems. Remote sensing of land . In this paper an agenda for land surface hydrology research is proposed in order to open the .

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are the headwaters of the Connecticut, Merrimack, Saco, and Androscoggin Rivers. The Center for the Environment is involved with several research projects related to understanding the hydrology of the region. Associate professor Mark Green leads this work.

At present isotopic hydrological theories have been applied to various research fields such as hydrology , water recourses and environmental geology etc.