Lota lota

The burbot ( Lota lota ) is the only gadiform (cod-like) freshwater fish. The species is closely related to the marine common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.

For some time of the year, the . Lake Bufret Lignende Lake. Fra , den frie encyklopedi.

Hopp til: navigasjon, søk. In Siberia eastward to River. Aalrutte aus dem Starnbergersee. Appearance: An elongate, bottom-dwelling fish.

Vent roughly half way along body, posterior to which the body is laterally compresse accentuated by the long . Burbot, Lota lota , are a holarctic species native to the cold fresh waters of the Nearctic and Palearctic regions found between and degrees North latitudes. Burbot is the only cod species that lives in fresh water. During the day, the fish hides in the depths or under stones or hollows.

The fish hunts actively at dusk and at night. Just like co it has a barbel on its chin, which it uses to search the bottom for food. Burbot, ( Lota lota ), elongated fish of the cod family, Gadidae, and the only member of the family found in fresh water. A bottom dweller, it descends as deep as 2metres (7feet). A mottled greenish or brown fish, it may grow about 1. Editio decima, reformata.

Laurentius Salvius: Holmiae. Freshwater eel, English. Thin-tailed burbot, English. American burbot, English. Laken er den eneste torskefisken som finnes i ferskann i Norge.

Arten er lett gjenkjennelig på den lange kroppen og det flate paddeaktige hodet med en lang skjeggtråd under haken. Kroppen har ofte fine fargemarmoreringer i brunt og grønt, og noen fisk i rødt og gult. Burbot are large fish known to grow to as much as 1. These fish are yellow, light tan, or brown with dark brown or black patterning on the body, head and most fins. Reference for: Lota lota. Tadashi Inada, Tomio Iwamoto, and Nadia Scialabba.

Arch Environ Contam Toxicol.

Females exceed males in mercury concentrations of burbot Lota lota. Madenjian CP(1), Stapanian MA, Cott PA, Krabbenhoft DP, Edwards WH, Ogilvie LM, Mychek-Londer JG, DeWild JF. Complete your Lota Lota Records collection.

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