Marek’s disease

It is named after József Marek, a Hungarian veterinarian. The disease is characterized by the presence of T cell . Quail can be naturally infecte and turkeys can be infected experimentally. Its effect on your flock can be devastating.

There is no cure and it brings a high mortality rate.

Mareks disease is one of the most common problems we see in a flock of small birds. The control of the disease is difficult and you need to have a good understanding of the basic principles in order to reduce the chance . Diagnosis is made on clinical signs and gross or microscopic lesions. Definitive diagnosis must be made by diagnosing the . It is one of the most common diseases that affects poultry flocks worldwide. Clinical disease is not always apparent in infected flocks, however subclinical disease . Today we know a lot more about this nasty virus.


The usual symptoms involve the. Frequently there at tumors in the lymph nodes, skeletal muscle, . Other organisms common to chicken houses such as free-living mites, mosquitoes and coccidia do not transmit the disease. Species affected: Chickens (all breeds) , pheasants and occasionally quail.

Age affected: Usually under weeks, but birds can die near the onset of egg production. Organized by: Caroline Denesvre and Jean-François Vautherot from INRA, Animal Health department, Michel Bublot from Merial France. Springtime is always special for poultry enthusiasts. Winter is over and it is time to start a new year with some new chicks. If you are considering ordering chicks from a hatchery, one simple and economical option is to get your . A highly contagious disease that can survive for months or years in litter and poultry dust.

Infection occurs through the respiratory system. Incubation periods range from weeks to several months. Chicks become infected at an early age, whilst the disease normally manifests itself at 8-weeks, although it . An breeding strategy that develops genetic resistance against Mareks Disease and . MDV has long been of interest as a model organism, particularly with respect to the pathogenesis and immune control of virus-induced lymphoma in an easily accessible . MD has been called by several names including range paralysis, neural . The serious economical problem.

MDV is envelope with a capsid and a double stranded DNA genome.