Massey ferguson 3060 problems

Hi Everyone I am new to this Forum and in desperate need of assistance. The problem I have is that eveything seemed to work perfectly when I bought it but recently it . Flere resultater fra thefarmingforum. Sette på strøm direkte frå batteriet,da kobla det ut.

CHRIS BLOOMFIEL Had the same problems ,stuck in low box and 4wd , no hydraulic services. The latter was problematic if not well minded.

Front axle problem where wd shaft enters front axle – check for signs of play on the front axle pivot. No har det seg slik at det er Delphi pumpe på. Det er jo gode traktora, passe tonge og . MF 3får ikke diesel innlegg 22.

När jag tog bort skyddskåpan över magnetventilerna, hittade jag en kabel som var avskavd (eller om mössen varit och gnagt på den) :x. Jag har isolerat om kabeln men har fortfarande vissa problem med . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 4. O shaft the high and low ratio on the gears has stopped working please can anyone offer any advice. She burns some engine oil, but never a problem with the gearbox of any sort.

Från årsmodell så är det problemet åtgärdat. Smaller tractors were good matter of fact MF 1is said by many pound for pound the best tractor ever built. Tach is replace dealer.

Eventually causes loads of problems apparantly and was eventully dropped by MF. It has the speedshift 32 . The PTO shaft will run for approximatly seconds after it is engaged and then it stops driving. It seems to stay in nutral and it can not be reactivated. The orange PTO light on the dash begins to flash when the PTO stops driving. I have tried cleaning the earth lead for the computor found.

Wymieniliśmy elektrowłącznik ponieważ tamten już się skończył i po zalożeniu nowego , tak się dzieje że nie odpala z kluczyka elektrowłącznik jest nowy , co to może być na ostro odpala bez problemu ale po zgaszeniu już nie odpali z kluczyka nawed gdy ciepły. Steering: hydrostatic power. Brakes: hydraulic wet disc. Cab: Cab with optional air- conditioning. Have owned the tractor for about years and.

In my mind it all pointed the PTO speed sensor, so I installed a new one and still didnt fix the problem. Do you have buttons on the rear fenders? Try to find the cables and disconnect them, they are sources for problems.

Could be wrong though on that. Den yttre vändradien är inte mer än meter och .