Minecraft seed village

This village is made of Acacia Wood. While looking for seeds today, I stumbled upon a somewhat rare yet interesting one. Build yourself an island fortress or base and go exploring! Right in plain sight should be the first of the two villages.

Both villages have a blacksmith, but the first one has two diamonds.

Between both of them is a fair amount of iron armor, and even some obsidian . Pre using no mods (some sort of bug perhaps?) Coords: X:4Z:764. Pre-Release For This To Work Because Link Is Broken. Right off the bat is a lucky seed that’ll spawn you next to a sizeable village with a blacksmith in it.

Minecraft island village seed. The Plains village is found at coordinates (-26220) and has a Weapon Smith shop with a stone slab roof. Inside the shop, there is a chest filled with items that you can add to your inventory.

Epic village Seed With 2Diamond locations. Giant Village Spawn Seed. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 16. When loading a seed from a level, the seed will automatically be stored as a level. You should also know that a seed is always a number (up to around digits).

If you type in anything else (like letters), it will be converted to a number. Just a cool Triple Village seed ! This is one of the best seeds I have found yet! Head to the village well and take the plunge to find a massive underground stronghold complete with zombies, an End . Climb the hill in front of you and follow the border of the ice spikes biome until you reach the snow village. The main reason why I think it’s awesome is because both of them have blacksmiths and that means you’ll get some good loot right from start without too much effort.

The igloo is located just a little . Enjoy and share with your friends! They are aligned in a row next to each other alongside a river. There are three blacksmiths in three of the five villages.

It also works as a village finder, slime finder, ocean monument finder and other things finder.

Load a saved game, enter a seed or get a random map to get started. Large biome setting is not yet supported! Start right next to a Jungle Village and a Jungle Temple in this overgrown seed full of treasure and pumpkin patches.