Hummere lever i saltvann som bunndyr nede på havbunnen. Cancer, Astacus or Homarus. Den brukes ofte på krepsesmørbrød i stedet for . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Range Description: This is a widely distributed species ranging from Icelan the Faroes and Norway in the north of its range, to the Atlantic coast of Morocco in the south including the west and central region of the Mediterranean. Nephrops means kidney eye and .

It is, however, absent from the eastern Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Bosphorus and the . Norway lobster is found throughout the Atlantic waters of the EU, from the Azores to the North Sea. It is not commonly found in the Mediterranean, though it is fished in the Adriatic. It lives on muddy sea beds in burrows at depths that range from a few metres down to 5m or more.

Inventory and distribution of the decapod crustaceans from the northeastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the adjacent continental waters north of 25°N. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 40. Common names: Norway lobster, scampi, Dublin Bay prawn, langoustine. The head and thorax have a non-segmented cover (the carapace) while the long abdomen is clearly segmented .

Inhabits muddy bottoms in which it digs its burrows. Nocturnal and feeds on detritus, crustaceans and worms (Ref. 4). An active predator or scavenger . Author information: (1)School of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment, Fytoko Street, . Ungfors A(1), Bell E, Johnson ML, Cowing Dobson NC, Bublitz R, Sandell J. This review focuses on the Norway lobster . Thus, growth rate appears to be density-dependent, and is also thought to be related to food availability.

For example, Tuck et al. Aggressive behaviour and injury are major constraints of communal holding of . Morphological analysis of phylogeny 13 . Insights into embryonic and larval biology, and associated abiotic and biotic factors that influence recruitment, are important since . Rike, Dyreriket (Animalia). Rekke, Leddyr (Arthropoda). Underrekke, Krepsdyr ( Crustacea).

Klasse, Storkreps (Malacostraca). Orden, Tifotkreps (Decapoda).

Underorden, Reker, kreps, sjøkreps, hummer (Macrura). Norge som har forsynt Adriaterhavet med denne delikatessen: Kvarner scampi, middelhavets kanskje beste skalldyr! Fraktet ned og utsatt fra Norge. Fra sjømatlandet uten bestemmelser for havets råvarenavn. Artsdatabanken er helt . The body is long and more or less flat laterally.

There are three to four bones on the dorsal side and one to two on the ventral side of cephalothorax. The abdomen is long and ends with a fan-shaped telson that enables the lobster to swim. When different users are in competition for a limited public resource, how can we determine best value for society?

Journal du Conseil, 4 28– 36. A PILOT POT FISHERY FOR NEPHROPS NORVEGICUS. OFF THE NORTHERN IRELAND COAST. This project was proposed by the Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation Ltd. ANIFPO) and was supported by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and the Department of Agriculture and Rural .