Dette er en pekerside, og inneholder kun pekere til forskjellige betydninger av dette ordet. Hvis du har fulgt en lenke hit, kan du kanskje gå tilbake og rette den så den peker direkte til riktig artikkel. An operculum is a small covering or li and is widely used in descriptions of animals and plants. In human brain anatomy, an operculum (Latin, meaning little lid) (pl. opercula), may refer to the frontal, temporal, or parietal operculum , which together cover the insula as the opercula of insula.

It can also refer to the occipital operculum , part of the occipital lobe. An operculum (animal) is an anatomical feature, a stiff structure resembling a lid or a small door that opens and closes, and thus controls contact between the outside world and an internal part of an animal.

Examples include: An operculum (gastropod), a single lid that (in its most complete form) closes the aperture of the. An operculum or (in plural) opercula are botanical terms describing a certain structure or structures of certain vascular plants, mosses, or fungi which act as a cap, flap, or lid. In vascular plants, an operculum may also be called a bud cap. Examples of structures identified as opercula include: A flap of the sporangium of a . Define operculua body process or part that suggests a lid: such as. Operculum definition, Botany, Zoology.

It protects the gills and also serves a role respiration. Fish can acquire dissolved oxygen through pumping water over their gills by opening and closing their jaws and opercula.

In most fish, the rear edge of the operculum roughly marks the division between the head and the body. In bryophyte: Form and function …of an apical lid (the operculum ). When the operculum falls, there is exposed a ring of teeth that controls the release of the spores over an extended period of time. The posterior rim of the . These teeth usually respond to slight moisture changes and pulsate inward and outwar carrying spores out of the sporangium . Looking for online definition of operculum in the Medical Dictionary?

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As you can see on the photo to the right, an operculum is a flap of gum tissue that covers some of the chewing surface of a tooth . Definition of operculum – a structure that closes or covers an aperture. OK, so like the snail with his own trap door attached to his foot, we know we have our operculum here and can slam it shut on the world as well as the operculum in our minds. Again Worth placed his hands on the bookcase and it pivoted.

Against the far wall were three computers, speakers, and printers. Their relations will be best conceived from the description Bakker has given of them in the Haddock, as a specimen. It is defined by dissection. Get information, facts, and pictures about operculum at Encyclopedia.

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Alexander MP(1), Naeser MA, Palumbo C. Author information: (1)Aphasia Research Center, Boston University School of Medicine, MA. We report cases of aphasia following lesions in the region of the left .